Applied Energy Solutions Attends Promat 2017 and Launches Two New Technologies

Applied Energy Solutions will be attending The Promat Show, April 3-7, 2017 in Chicago, IL. President & CEO, Vern Fleming, marketing, customer service, and engineering staff will be at booth S2315 during the show. Applied Energy Solutions will be displaying their brand new LithPack™ as well as the Maverick Eco Series™ High Frequency Charger as well as a new interactive trade show booth display. The LithPack ™ a solution for class 3 pallet jacks, walkies, boasts may features and benefits including a longer run time and much shorter charge time than lead acid batteries and dated systems. The Maverick Eco Series™ charger features a more compact portable and flexible design than its more bulky counterparts without compromising durability. It is also a more economical solution for smaller applications or warehouses with space constraints. For more information on...
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Applied Energy Solutions Launches Maverick Eco Series™

Applied Energy Solutions Maverick Eco Series™ High Frequency Charger offers a more compact design, more economical price, and increased energy efficiency.   CALEDONIA, NY (March 21, 2017) — Applied Energy Solutions ( ) has launched its first compact high frequency charger. This month at the Promat Show, in Chicago IL April 3-7 they introduced the finalized Maverick Eco Series™ High Frequency Charger to the public.   The Maverick Eco Series™ is a high efficiency charger that minimizes the amount of power drawn, giving users of electric utility vehicles real cost savings, reduced carbon foot print due to consuming less energy, and additional power capacity. It is available in conventional and opportunity start rates. The Maverick Eco Series™ is designed to provide excellent re-charging with the minimal consumption of energy. The advanced control can accurately and efficiently do re-charging.   “The...
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Applied Energy Solutions Attends The Battery Show For Third Year

Applied Energy Solutions will be attending The Battery Show, September 13-15, 2016 in Novi, Michigan for a third year. President & CEO, Vern Fleming, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Jonathan Oliva, as well as both Regional Managers, will be at booth 1643 during the show.

Applied Energy Solutions will be displaying their brand new LithPack™as well as the Maverick Flex Charger™ among other battery charging options. ™ For more information on these products, visit here.  To attend the show, visit About Applied Energy Solutions Applied Energy Solutions manufactures industrial battery chargers for forklifts, pallet jacks and other battery powered transportation equipment. AES makes all products in the USA from design, manufacturing and sub-assemblies to interconnect and final assembly. With a full product offering for every application, AES...
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The LithPack™ Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Optimal Pallet Jack Performance

  • Greater Energy Density per unit Weight (3x), Volume (6x)
  • Tolerates Higher Temp (140°F vs 80°F)
  • Faster recharge time
  • More Discharge Cycles anticipated (2x)
  • State of Health and State of Charge constantly monitored
  • Replacement time frame; Lithium Ion 5-7 years, Lead Acid 1.5 – 2 years
The LithPack™ Lithium Ion battery pack has been designed with an advanced, proprietary battery management system to use with an on-board charger in a 110-volt plug, so that no facility modifications are needed. The LithPack™ charges more efficiently than lead acid and requires no cool-down period, and therefore, it can easily be opportunity-charged throughout the day. Applied Energy Solutions developed high capacity smart battery management systems to work with the best Lithium Ion cells in the industry.  One of the greatest technical breakthroughs of the LithPack™ is the proprietary custom-designed low voltage battery management system with controller area...
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Applied Energy Solutions Launches Motive Power Game Changer

Applied Energy Solutions has launched the LithPack ™ a new lithium-ion battery system for class three pallet jack applications at the Modex Show in Atlanta, GA (April, 4-7 2016). The LithPack™ system developed by Applied Energy Solutions offers significant improvements over lead acid or gel and will optimize production time and performance for the customer. The new system will be on display at the Applied Energy Solutions Booth #4033. Material handling equipment manufacturers are finding that lithium-ion battery systems offer important benefits compared to lead acid and gel systems. The faster and more efficient charging allows operators to do away with extra batteries and battery swapping equipment while simultaneously saving money on electrical bills. The LithPack ™ made in the USA, has a life cycle of over five times that of lead acid or gel applications...
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AES Team Pulls Off Record February

Our operational team has pulled off a record February. They have:
  • Improved our efficiency by 15% based upon hours per dollar of output measured weekly.
  • Improved on-time delivery by 95% measured weekly.
  • Freight costs have been reduced by roughly 18% off last year’s cost
AES Family...
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Applied Energy Solutions Industrial Battery Chargers- Attending The Battery Show and Launching Two New Product Solutions

Applied Energy Solutions will be attending The Modex Show, April 4-7, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. President & CEO, Vern Fleming, and Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Jonathan Oliva, as well as new Eastern Regional Sales Manager Amanda Aruck will be at booth 4033 during the show. The company will be launching and displaying two new products, a new Lithium Ion (LithPack) product solution and a High Frequency Battery Charger with flexible profile changes that can adapt to changing production schedules and facility plans. The Maverick Flex High Frequency Charger charges in Fast, Conventional, and Opportunity Charging profiles. Applied Energy Solutions will also be displaying their Battery Information Transmitter™ in action, as well as their most popular chargers: the Workhorse 3™, Maverick High Frequency Opportunity Charger™, and Quarterhorse Opportunity Charger.™ More information on these products will be available in March...
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Applied Energy Solutions Hires Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Applied Energy Solutions is pleased to announce and welcome Amanda L Aruck as eastern regional sales manager. Aruck will be responsible for developing new business opportunities in the East Coast market, and creating customized solutions for Applied Energy Solutions' customer needs. Aruck brings Applied Energy Solutions 18 years of sales, and marketing experience. The early years of her career were spent in various capacities in the retail industry where she was instrumental in the growth of several business to consumer companies. Amanda has held the positions of General Manager, Business Manager, Director, and District Trainer. In addition, Amanda has a proven record of facilitating long term business relationships with both customers and industry luminaries.  Her strong winning attitude and personality are assets that will complement and enhance Applied Energy Solutions' ability to meet customer needs as they...
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Applied Energy Solutions Hires New Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Promotes 3 Employees

Applied Energy Solutions Hires New Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Promotes 3 Employees Applied Energy Solutions, LLC, has hired Jonathan J Oliva as Vice President of sales and marketing. Olvia brings 14 years of sales and marketing experience spent in various capacities of the automotive industry, where his  reputation for facilitating long term business relationships, with customers and industry luminaries as well. He has a proven record of sales growth well into double digit percentage growth year over year. Oliva will be responsible for development and implementation of a continued revenue growth plan, leadership of the Applied Energy Solutions sales and marketing teams, and strategic new market transition planning.  He will also be focusing on management and development of the company’s existing accounts providing customized solutions to customer needs as well as development of new...
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