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This month we were honored to be highlighted in US Business Executive Magazine's article "Industry-leading,Proudly American Technology". The article goes into our history at AES and what is to come in the future.

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Applied Energy Solutions Maverick™ charger family offers full selection of High Frequency Battery Chargers for energy cost savings, less emissions, more power capacity

CALEDONIA, NY (March 31, 2012) -- Applied Energy Solutions ( ) developed its first true “green” energy battery charger for the motive power industry in 2008. This month they introduced the finalized line of complete Maverick High Frequency Chargers. The Maverick™ is a high efficiency charger that minimizes the amount of power drawn, giving users of electric utility vehicles real cost savings, reduced CO2 emissions and additional power capacity. It is available in conventional, opportunity, and rapid charge start rates. All of the Maverick products are designed...
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Made in America

[youtube=][gallery] CALEDONIA, NY (August 31st 2011) Today, it has become a rarity to find a product that is made in the USA. This was not always the case. In the 1920’s the Industrial Revolution brought a whole new sense of pride to America in the area of manufacturing. This process of advancing technology in essential and emerging markets increased from this pivotal point on. So, what has happened? When I hear people talking about globalization they conference that nothing is made in America any longer, and that everything has been outsourced because of cheap labor and cheaper material costs to countries like China. So few are willing to recognize that there are companies trying to survive here, in the United States, and despite economic conditions they remain intact and most also intact with the pride to...
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Is technology making life simpler?

[slideshow]CALEDONIA,NY (August 28, 2011)In this day and age of technology we often wonder if all of these gadgets and devices actually make life easier or if they are polluting our precious time with more information, distractions, and more complexity than we need. If you take the time to ask yourself this question, you may find yourself and others frustrated with the constant barrage of emerging technologies. This also holds true in our world of Industrial Battery Charging. At Applied Energy Solutions our goal is to provide the operators and managers, the proper and much needed information in a simple and accurate format. CEO of AES, Vern Fleming says “The question we always consider during development is; what is needed to make life easier?” Applied Energy Solutions has been in the business of designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling...
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