The LithPack™ Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Optimal Pallet Jack Performance


  • Greater Energy Density per unit Weight (3x), Volume (6x)
  • Tolerates Higher Temp (140°F vs 80°F)
  • Faster recharge time
  • More Discharge Cycles anticipated (2x)
  • State of Health and State of Charge constantly monitored
  • Replacement time frame; Lithium Ion 5-7 years, Lead Acid 1.5 – 2 years

The LithPack™ Lithium Ion battery pack has been designed with an advanced, proprietary battery management system to use with an on-board charger in a 110-volt plug, so that no facility modifications are needed. The LithPack™ charges more efficiently than lead acid and requires no cool-down period, and therefore, it can easily be opportunity-charged throughout the day.

Applied Energy Solutions developed high capacity smart battery management systems to work with the best Lithium Ion cells in the industry.  One of the greatest technical breakthroughs of the LithPack™ is the proprietary custom-designed low voltage battery management system with controller area networks (CAN).

The active cell balancing feature shuttles the power between cells within the overall pack, keeping the overall pack’s charge and discharge capabilities operating at each individual cell’s highest performance without the weakest cell in the pack drawing down overall performance.  The high current active balancing of the LithPack™ battery management system enables the lithium cells to last longer and have larger available discharge windows as they age.

The batteries and battery monitoring system (BMS) are warrantied for a full replacement 5 years total. In contrast to a lead acid pack, the AES battery management system offers CAN communications, enabling new user features to be designed by the forklift manufacturers for future developments and upgrades.  All of this adds up to a robust BMS that offers combined control, balancing, and communication in one unit.

LithPack™ will charge to 100% in under four hours with no negative ‘memory effects’, no need for watering, and will not be damaged from being partially charged. This all happens inside a fully encapsulated, water resistant, air cooled battery charger. The LithPack™ is designed, and manufactured by Applied Energy Solutions in New York State.

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