Anti Arc Device™

The Anti Arc Device™ is the worlds first electronic safety device that eliminates the
potential of damage to the operator, equipment and property due to the
improper handling of battery charging equipment.

It automatically cuts off the current between the battery and the charger,
preventing arcing and other potential hazards or equipment damage.

Features and Benefits

• Immediately senses any potential disconnect or attempt to improperly
disconnect the battery/charger cables without first manually stopping
the charger
• Extends the life of battery/charger cabling systems
• Reduces service calls to repair or replace prematurely worn connectors
• Requires no battery or charger modifications. Just mounted into any
AES charger cable lead*
• Highly intuitive circuitry constantly monitors the battery and charger
connection during the charge cycle.
• Sleek, lightweight design
The AES Anti Arc Device is an option for battery chargers made by
Applied Energy Solutions. Soon it will be available universally for all battery charging equipment.

Equipment and Accessories

• Cable and sensor wires
(attaches to new circuit board in the battery charger)
• Circuit board
(replaces existing circuit board in the battery charger)
• Output cable clamp
• Cable ties
• Spiral cable wrap
• Output connector heat shrink wrap
• Installation instructions

Download PDF Sell Sheet

One (1) year parts only from the date of shipment from the factory.
Note: Use of the anti-arcing device is not an assurance of battery or charger warranty, nor is it a substitute for safety. Operators are reminded that disconnecting the battery from the charger during the charge cycle without first manually stopping the charger can cause damage to the operator, equipment, or surrounding property and may void any applicable product warranties.

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