Maverick High Frequency Fast Charger

High Frequency Fast Charger

The Maverick High Frequency-Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (HF-IGBT) Charger returns more energy at a lower cost than conventional chargers. More energy efficient than low frequency opportunity chargers, with a .95 full load power factor.

Features & Benefits

  • No battery modifications are required
  • Includes the TCC 2.0 controller
    • Delayed start from 15 minutes to 4 hours in 15 minute intervals
    • Equalize can be done manually, automatically with day/time setting, or every 5 cycles
    • Automatic refresh charge every 24 hours
    • Programmable charge block out time (peak demand electrical cost control)
    • Programmable charge termination when battery voltage reaches the gassing point, to prevent excessive gassing.
    • Remote Control Interface for use when mounted above operator’s reach
    • Auto start with five second delay
    • Start rate of 31-40 amp per 100 amp hour, rate application dependent
  • Automatic shutdown for the following:
    • 80% or final charge exceeds time limit
    • Volts per cell outside safe limits
    • Charging current too high or too low
    • Maximum battery temperature exceeded with optional sensor
  • Digital readout displays
    • Time remaining to 80% & Full Charge
    • Charge current/voltage
    • Equalize in process
    • Fault codes
    • Charge data 25 cycles (time, AH returned, and voltage)
    • Charger setup
  • LED charge status indicators
    • Gas Gauge
    • Charging
    • 80% Charged
    • Charge Complete
    • Equalize
    • Fault Shutdown
  • 3 Year Warranty

Product Safety

  • UL Listed
  • UL Listed to Canadian Safety Standards
  • AC Specifications 480 VAC

Optional Features

  • Battery electrolyte temperature sensor
  • Wall Mount
  • Stackable with no brackets required
  • Remote Control Box
  • Custom Output Cable Lengths up to 20’ maximum.
  • Weight: (Approx. 150 lbs., depending on model size)
  • Recommended for use with temperature probe

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