Warhorse™- Multi-Circuit Charger

When space is a consideration, this unit incorporates more than one charger in a cabinet, cutting down the space required.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully integrated microprocessor control for automatic dv/dt di/dt termination
  • Available in popular ratings incorporating from two to six circuits in a common cabinet
  • Interface jack for remote control and monitoring options
  • Automatic refresh charge every twelve hours
  • Charge time of eight hours or less on a 100% discharged battery
  • Auto start with five second delay
  • Selectable delayed start from one to nine hours
  • Battery protection with override timers, wrong battery sensing and negative charge slope termination
  • Automatic shutdown for the following conditions:
    • 80% charge does not occur in nine hours
    • Final charge is not reached six hours after 80% (gassing point)
    • Volts per cell are too high or too low
    • Charging current is too low
    • Battery cable is disconnected while charging
  • Ferroresonant tapered charge for optimum battery and charger life
  • Selectable 80% voltage of 2.37 or 2.45 volts per cell
  • Four position Digital display for showing:
    • Charge current
    • Equalize in process
    • Fault diagnostics
  • Four LED indicators showing charge status including:
    • Charging
    • 80% Charged
    • Charge Complete
    • Fault Shutdown
  • Red push button for manual shutdown
  • Manual jump start for over-discharged batteries
  • Manual and or Automatic equalization
  • Ten foot long output cables for added flexibility
  • Multiple Output connectors available as standard

Product Safety

  • UL Listed
  • UL Listed to Canadian safety standards

Optional Features

  • Remote Control Box available
  • Fungus protection available

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Three Phase

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