Quarterhorse™-Opportunity Charger

Opportunity Charger

The ideal solution for users recognizing the need to convert to Opportunity Charging with the safest and most effective method.

Features & Benefits

  • Highest acceptable return rates without battery modifications
  • No Battery Modifications required
  • Easy access for programming all features
  • User Selectable Features:
    • Charge rate of 18 or 25A/100Ah
    • Delayed start from 15 minutes to 4 hours, in 15 minute intervals
    • Equalize can be done manually, automatically with day/time setting, or every 5 cycles
    • Gassing point options: 2.37vpc (default), 2.40vpc, 2.42vpc, and 2.45vpc
    • Automatic refresh charge every 24 hours
    • Programmable charge block out time
    • Programmable charge termination when battery voltage reaches the gassing point, to prevent excessive gassing
  • Low Electrical noise superior in applications with other electrical equipment and controls
  • Remote Control Interface
  • Auto start with five second delay
  • Automatic shutdown for the following conditions:
    • 80% or final charge exceeds time limit
    • Volts per cell outside safe limits
    • Charging current too high or too low
    • Maximum battery temperature exceeded (requires optional battery temperature sensor)
  • Controlled Ferroresonant technology for Total Charge Control over the complete charging cycle
  • Digital readout displays:
    • Time remaining to 80% & Full charge
    • Charge current/voltage
    • Equalize in process
    • Fault codes
    • Charge data 25 cycles (time, AH returned, and voltage)
    • Charger setup
  • LED charge status indicators
    • Gas gauge
    • Charging
    • 80% Charged
    • Charge Complete
    • Equalize
    • Fault Shutdown
  • Cool down time displayed
  • Manual jump start for over-discharged batteries

Product Safety

  • UL Listed
  • UL Listed to Canadian Safety Standards

Optional Features

  • Battery electrolyte temperature sensor
  • Wall Mount brackets
  • Remote Control Box
  • Custom output cable length

Download PDF Manuals

With TCC 2.0 Controller
Quick Disconnect
Temperature Sensor Manual

QuarterHorse Spec Sheet


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