As Director of Warehouse and Facility Operations at Sysco New Mexico I had the opportunity to test and eventually invest in 15 Quarter Horse fast Chargers from Applied Energy Solutions.

These chargers increased my forklift operators productivity, cut down my kilowatt hours spent on charging as well reduce my overall expenses. They also reduced my maintenance cost on batteries.

A typical charger would take up to 8 hours to charge a battery to 100%; the fast chargers did it in half that time. This allowed transitioning the equipment between night and day lift operators smooth without each having to change batteries. The operators would also plug their batteries up during lunch and break and these chargers would put enough charge into the batteries thereby preventing any unnecessary battery changes during the shift.

Overall I had a very positive experience with those chargers.

VP of Operations, Sysco New Mexico
Lance Amara

We have worked with Applied Energy Solutions to implement opportunity charging into all of our facilities using AES Quarterhorse chargers.  We have always appreciated AES efforts and willingness to educate us on the process and provide excellent products and services.  AES is very forthcoming with information to help us make informed decisions when evaluating the competitive landscape.

It has been a pleasure working with AES and their team of professionals. I would recommend AES to anyone looking for charger applications.

Sr. Design / Implementation Mgr, Sam's Club Real Estate & Facility Support
Kyle Engler

Applied Energy Solutions has been a valued supplier of charging equipment to Hannaford Bros. Co. for over 12 years.  Our distribution center in Schodack Landing, NY has been using AES chargers since 2000, when we purchased our  1st unit, a Workhorse Series 3 for use with one of our Maintenance Dep’t. man lifts.  In 2003, we purchased 18 of the STEED CFR chargers for our 36 volt battery fleet, followed by 20 more Workhorse Series 3 units in 2004 for our 24 volt pallet jack application. In 2009, with the onset of opportunity charging, we again called on the expertise of Applied Energy to help us accumulate data to determine if this  would work at our facility. Our first purchase of  7 Quarterhorse opportunity chargers  in 2010 has proven to be very successful, enough so, that we are planning to fully convert to this technology over the next  1-2 years for all pallet jacks.

When you partner with AES, you not only get a quality product built in the USA, you also get their many years of experience in this industry to support you along the  way, after the sale.  All of our units have a full 10 year parts and labor warranty,  that they stand behind. Our company is proof positive, as our units are operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our down time is non-existent!  Where else in today’s economy will you find a company that backs its products with that kind of user protection?

You can’t go wrong with Applied Energy Solutions products and experienced staff. I highly recommend them to any company looking for a true partner in solving all of their battery charging needs…

And by the way, that very 1st Workhorse Series 3 we purchased in 2000 has NEVER needed to be repaired, a true testament to their quality!

Facilities & Equipment, Hannaford Bros. Co
Gary M. Clark

I have worked with Applied Energy Solutions to implement opportunity charging into two of our facilities. I know there are many others that have worked with them as well throughout the Sysco Food network. They have been quick to respond to our needs. When we had opportunities to make improvements, Vern and his team were quick to give us options. This enabled us to make a decision that was best for us. We have always appreciated their efforts and willingness to educate us on the process and provide excellent products and service. They have been a great partner.

President, Sysco New Mexico
Ken Christie
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